Questioning the Television Experience in the Age of Snapchat

Posted by Dallas Sargent | Design for Experience |14 Sep 15 |

September 14, 2015

TV isn’t what it used to be. Once the cornerstone glowing screen in households around the world, television sets now jockey for attention with tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and even some refrigerators.

The television experience of yore—flipping through the channels and settling on whatever is reasonably entertaining, or tuning in at a specific time to watch your favorite show—has almost faded completely. Now we DVR our programs of choice, or binge watch them through our preferred streaming service. In a race to keep fresh content rolling out, odds are that service has added “production house” to its repertoire.

These are truly strange and glorious days for content providers and consumers alike. Forty years ago, if you wanted to watch the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards, you had to tune in at a specific time. Things changed in the late ‘70s when VCR technology entered the mainstream (though programming a VCR was confusing enough that you often felt the need…read more
By Dallas Sargent | Design for Experience