Developing a Thirst for UX:How to promote empathy for users at an organizational level

Posted by Josh Tyson | UX Magazine |16 Mar 15 |

March 16, 2015

For plenty of experience design practitioners, looking for ways to make products and services more usable and rewarding is infectious. We’ve got utterly engaging business at hand, and it’s hard to understand why those on the outside don’t see that.

To that end, the increasing prominence and popularity of user-centered design practices is our good fortune. But magical tho it be, UX doesn’t always sell itself to newbies, so it’s often up to design teams, and the organizations they work within, to make sure everyone understand its nature and importance.

One of the most effective ways to get folks on-board is to make them part of the process. For Atlassian, winner of the Design for Experience award for Promoting Empathy for Users, it comes down…read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine


Experiment, Share, Evolve, Repeat:How to create a winning agency environment

Posted by Josh Tyson | UX Magazine |13 Mar 15 |

March 13, 2015

Digital design agencies are a bit like snowflakes. But while no two seem to be quite alike, they do share some common purposes. The first, of course, is to do top-notch work for clients—something that’s become both more challenging and more rewarding as the tenets and processes behind experience design are more familiar to businesses of every stripe.

The second is to attract and retain the brightest talent. This task has become a little trickier in the past year, with at least one big agency in San Francisco shutting down and another becoming the in-house design team at Capital One. There’s been some debate about what this means for the future of agencies—with…read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine


Building Experiences that Transcend Platforms:Insight into cross-platform experiences from the DfE awards

Posted by Josh Tyson | UX Magazine |26 Feb 15 |

February 26, 2015

It shouldn’t be much longer now. Any day we’ll be able to flit from tablet to television to smartphone to the touchscreen in our electric cars, with our content and data leaping neatly along with us.

While inconversant operating systems and other technical hurdles make it difficult for digital experiences to move seamlessly from screen to screen, there are are products and services that have managed to brings disparate systems into concert for users.

Take, for example, Vantage, winner of the Cross-Platform Experience category in the Design for Experience awards. Their Equinox series of home automation systems give users control over numerous elements of their in-home environments using a proprietary…read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine


Bridging the Narrowing Gap between Digital and Physical Experiences:A look at our evolving relationship with technology from the DfE awards

Posted by Josh Tyson | UX Magazine |05 Feb 15 |

February 5, 2015

The trajectory has been set, and somewhere on the horizon—maybe a distant one, maybe closer than we think—humans and technology will coexist on a cellular level. What starts with wristbands checking our pulse and knowing if we’re sleeping well will one day become armies of nanobots joining our own white blood cells on search-and-destroy missions to eradicate cancerous cells from our bodies.

With the rapid pace at which new technologies emerge and are built upon, it’s anyone’s guess what our relationship with computers and the web will be like in even five short years. Microchips are increasingly cheaper and smaller, sensors are everywhere, and more and more of our experiences with physical objects and environments rely on integral digital components.

It has become much easier to design digital systems that can be interacted with using physical devices far different from the traditional mouse, keyboard, or…read more
By Josh Tyson | UX Magazine